Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) – 2023 – ONLINE


EARTH ACTIVIST TRAINING’S PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE IS NOW ON SUNDAY! Are you ready to become an Earth Healer? Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) is our longest running and most requested course– we’ve been teaching it for 20 years. This is the course where all of your learning about resilient land management and …

$450 – $1200

Venison 101 with Hank Shaw – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Ever want to know how to get more out of your big game animals? Author and Chef Hank Shaw walks you through a nose-to-tail guide on prepping, butchering and cooking the fruits of your hard work in the field. Online Course - Available on Demand ANYTIME


Intentional Community Basics Course – FIC – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Intentional Community Basics On-Demand Online Course Rolling Admission Join us for the history of a global movement and gain tips for how to join or start a community in the intentional community basics course. Who this course is for: people dreaming of community people wanting an introduction to intentional community Course fee: $49-$99 USD

$49 – $99

FIC – Starting a Community Course – ONLINE ON DEMAND


On-Demand Online Course Rolling Admission Learn how to design for inclusion, governance, membership recruitment, and legal and economic structures in the Starting a Community course. Who this course is for: founders of community people starting community people building community Course fee:  $99-$199 USD

$99 – $199

Mushrooms Starter Guide Course – Free – ONLINE ON DEMAND


You – yes, you! – can grow mountains of delicious, edible and medicinal mushrooms at your place, regardless of where in the world you live or how much space you have. Truly! This free guide introduces you to the essential steps for growing mushrooms at home, our three favourite low-waste ways – in buckets, on logs and …


Permaculture Starter Guide Course – Free – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Permaculture Living: 7 ways to get started, at your place Interested in permaculture, but unsure where to begin? These 7 climate-positive actions will get you going today – boosting your home and community resilience, and making you feel darn good, too. This free guide will teach you simple yet effective actions that are doable wherever …


Regen Ag Online Courses 2023 – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Multiple courses available! A self-paced, interactive experience - each course is a self-paced, interactive media experience, chock-full of video lectures, case studies, and supporting research gleaned from the very best of Understanding Ag's expert instructors--all of whom are also experienced regenerative farmers and ranchers. Through the Narrasys Platform, each student gets “ebook” control over the …


School of Traditional Skills Courses 2023 – ONLINE ON DEMAND


The Skills You Need. Taught by Instructors You Trust! Accessible, Actionable, Accelerated Mastery Take the Shortcut to Building Homesteading Self-Sufficiency Skills that Matter to YOU (Let’s put “simple” back into simple living!)


Medical M.A.R.C.H. Assessment Course – ONLINE


This digital video is a replay of a webinar that Doc Nate Jones talks about the Medical M.A.R.C.H. Assessment and why it helps us manage trauma If you are interested in upgrading your capability to manage life threatening injuries, learning to identify preventable causes of death and how to treat them is the place to …


Build Your SMART Homesteading Plan Webinar – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Do you want to change your home from a thing you work to pay for, to something that works for you? The first step is to put together you SMART Homesteading Plan. Join me at 5pm Central for a LIVE Webinar on creating a shift from having to PAY for your home to getting your …


Mother Earth News Fair Online Learning Community – ONLINE ON DEMAND


JOIN OUR GROWING ONLINE LEARNING COMMUNITY Current Course List is here. One of the most rewarding parts of building the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is bringing together the nation’s leading authorities to educate folks on the virtues of self-reliance. Those skills are certainly relevant and self-empowering in times like these. We invite you to explore …


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