Verge Permaculture Online PDC – 2023 – ONLINE


The Verge Permaculture Design Course is LIVE online. That means …. Real time answer to your questions … Collaborate and network with classmates … Small Group Support, Personalized Feedback … You’ll Also Get … A Certificate in Permaculture Design, recognized by PINA ... 30+ hours of bonus materials, supplemental and resources ... And then there …

$1199 – $2499

Social Permaculture Clinic – 2023 – ONLINE


SOCIAL PERMACULTURE CLINIC LIVING & WORKING TOGETHER Living and working in community brings connection and collaboration. Yet, working and living with others comes with challenges too. These challenges are a natural part of the process and, if handled well, can strengthen ourselves and our groups. This clinic will explore tools and techniques to navigate challenging …

$20 – $60

Permaculture Gadgets Course 2023 – ONLINE


LEARN TO BUILD PERMACULTURE GADGETS Permaculture Gadgets is an online DIY space for anyone desiring to learn how to build simple, home-scale permaculture devices. Charles will walk you through a step-by-step construction process. Unlike watching a recording on YouTube, these are live sessions where you interact with the instructor, who can answer your question each …

$20 – $80

Wilderness First Aid Certification Course – June 2023 – ONLINE


About Our Wilderness First Aid Certification Course In response to the global pandemic, The Human Path has moved elements of our popular wilderness medicine training into an interactive remote format. Students will receive an emergency first aid kit that contains trauma first aid gear to complete hands-on training in the ‘practical skills’ portion of the …

$210 – $335

Herbal First Aid Course – June 2023 – ONLINE


Registration Ends June 26, 2023 Using plant medicine in the field is our trademark and our specialty. Add an additional 8 hours of training to your certification by learning about and showing proficiency using herbs in the field. Learn the essentials of first aid care while also introducing fundamental plant-medicine concepts that apply to austere …

$130 – $335

Pediatric Herbalism – 2023 – ONLINE


This is a 10 week course beginning on June 30th, 2023. Registration will remain open until July 21st, 2023. During this 10-week interactive course (2 recorded interactive webinars each week, 1 live class, and downloadable class documents each week for a total of 30 classes) on how to keep children healthy with herbal medicines. We …

$360 – $415

Strategic Home Defense Home Security Seminar 2023 – ONLINE


Strategic Home Defense is presenting their Home Security foundational class on July 1st 2023 from 10:00AM to 12 NOON. We will focus on improving security measures for residential security. We will focus on relocation, environmental design, strategic lighting, surveillance placement, entrance reinforcement, firearms placement, safe room placement, and intruder response. Plan for approximately 2 hrs. …


Sustainable Infrastructure Course 2023 – ONLINE


Sustainable Infrastructure Learn the fundamentals of farm and ranch scale energy systems and waste management. This class will provide the technical know-how you didn’t know you needed. Managing land ecologically is a resource-intense activity that requires finding a balance between consumption, ecological impact, and financial solvency. This course will provide practical answers on balancing these …

$300 – $500

Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) – 2023 – ONLINE


EARTH ACTIVIST TRAINING’S PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE IS NOW ON SUNDAY! Are you ready to become an Earth Healer? Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) is our longest running and most requested course– we’ve been teaching it for 20 years. This is the course where all of your learning about resilient land management and …

$450 – $1200

Venison 101 with Hank Shaw – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Ever want to know how to get more out of your big game animals? Author and Chef Hank Shaw walks you through a nose-to-tail guide on prepping, butchering and cooking the fruits of your hard work in the field. Online Course - Available on Demand ANYTIME


Intentional Community Basics Course – FIC – ONLINE ON DEMAND


Intentional Community Basics On-Demand Online Course Rolling Admission Join us for the history of a global movement and gain tips for how to join or start a community in the intentional community basics course. Who this course is for: people dreaming of community people wanting an introduction to intentional community Course fee: $49-$99 USD

$49 – $99

FIC – Starting a Community Course – ONLINE ON DEMAND


On-Demand Online Course Rolling Admission Learn how to design for inclusion, governance, membership recruitment, and legal and economic structures in the Starting a Community course. Who this course is for: founders of community people starting community people building community Course fee:  $99-$199 USD

$99 – $199

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